The spirit of maritime excellence that defined Vane Brothers more than one century ago is still very much the driving force behind the company today. Focused on the future, we are constantly innovating as we build new equipment and develop better systems to enhance the safety, efficiency, and performance of our fleet. Meanwhile, we never lose sight of the fact that "people" are the difference-makers.

We offer exceptional career opportunities to qualified mariners and shoreside employees who demonstrate the skill and commitment to join us in vital service to the marine transport industry, specifically operating along the U.S. East, West and Gulf coasts. For most of our mariners, we also offer highly favorable work schedules: two weeks on, two weeks off.

While continually striving to set the standard of excellence in the maritime industry, we are always looking for people with the right mix of education, skills and experience to help us reach our goal.

Mariner Positions

Tug Masters and Mates*

Must possess a valid Master or Mate 200GRT NCW with towing endorsement, or greater. Experience with petroleum barges preferred, as is familiarity with New York Harbor for operations in that area.


Valid PIC endorsement required. Experience preferred.

Marine Engineers*

Engineers for Coastal and Inland tugboats. Must possess a valid DDE (Designated Duty Engineer) license or greater. Two years' engine room experience required.

*A valid MMC (Merchant Mariner Credential), TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential), and medical certificate are required for all positions.

Contact Fleet Recruiting

Ph: 410-735-8238 • Fax: 410-735-8280 • Email:

Shoreside Positions

To support our mariners, Vane Brothers has an experienced land-based team with involvement in many areas, including information technology, daytime and nighttime dispatch, finance, human resources, marketing, and inventory control, to name just a few.


Ready to apply

Please complete the employment application, and return it along with a complete copy of your current MMC (Merchant Mariner’s Credential), the front of your TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) card along with your medical certificate and passport (if you have one).

In addition, if you are applying for a Tug Operator position (Captain or Mate), complete the detailed Work History Form for Tug Operator. If you are applying for a Tankerman position complete the detailed Work History Form for Tankerman.

Email your resume to: Please note the position for which you are applying in the subject line.