Bunkering. Safety equipment inspection. Launch deliveries. Marine Gas Oil sales ... Vane Brothers' highly trained workforce delivers these and many other integral maritime services and products from seven convenient locations along the Eastern Seaboard, guaranteeing unsurpassed efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As one of the nation's premier marine transportation providers, Vane has nurtured strong relationships with major oil companies through its clean oil and lube oil delivery services, and has developed and refined the bunker market in several U.S. ports.

In addition, Vane Brothers Marine Safety and Services is often the first place that maritime companies consider when searching for lifeboat and liferaft service options, fire suppression apparatuses, and safety products. The company also coordinates the repair, maintenance and inspection of survival equipment.

Hard work and innovation go hand in hand at Vane. We are continuously upgrading our vessels, enhancing our services and educating our staff to ensure peak effectiveness. We accomplish this while meeting or surpassing regulations set forth by the U.S. Coast Guard and the maritime transportation industry.

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